We regularly engage in conversations with companies that are interested in our services. We guarantee a 100% success rate and invest a great deal of time in optimizing our services. for that reason we have developed a PACT measurement in close co-operation with the Hoofdkantoor. This is an assessment specifically made for lawyers. This unique measurement combined with a structured interview, leads to more valid statements on whether a candidate’s background and ambition match the desired profile. It provides insight in the qualities as well as in the development potential of candidates, in what gives energy and what takes energy from them and offers more security when it comes to selecting the most suitable candidate.

Legal People is the leading executive search consultancy for experienced lawyers in the Netherlands and mediates (company) lawyers and civil law notaries for permanent and temporary positions. For more information check:

Compliance People is a label of Legal People and specialises in mediation of experienced compliance professionals for permanent positions as well as for strategic temporary compliance positions. For more information check: