Christine Fontaine

Christine Fontaine

Consultant Executive Search

Christine has over 10 years’ experience in various legal positions. During her law studies, she worked for a financial supervisor. After completing her studies, she decided to become a practising lawyer. In that capacity she worked at a large international firm and at a specialized boutique firm. She eventually made the switch to trade and industry, working as a senior legal counsel. In September 2019 Christine joined Legal People as an Executive Search Consultant where she combines her knowledge of the legal sector with her feeling for making the right match.

"The right match" certainly applies to myself and Legal People. In recent years I have often been looking for greater involvement with people and the forces that drive them in my work. For example, I followed a mediation training course in which I learned how to get to the core of interests, motivations and wishes. Nevertheless, the legal content of my work remained at the forefront, while my interest in it declined. As a consultant at Legal People I use both my knowledge of the market and the experience gained in my various legal positions. I combine that knowledge with my drive to work with people. I found the right match at Legal People and I’d like to help others find the right person and place. That certainly gives new energy!”

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