Koen Hemmes

Koen Hemmes

Consultant Executive Search/directie

Koen worked as a tax consultant from 1995 to 2000 at one of the four large tax consultancy offices in Amsterdam and Paris. In 2000 he opted for the international business world and worked as international tax manager at VNU and then at TNT. His focus was on transnational corporation taxes and M&A transactions. Koen has been employed at Legal People since December 2006 as executive search advisor and has been on the Board for the past few years. Koen mainly serves as intermediary for senior and top level in-house and partner positions in the tax consultancy and legal professions.

‘Every time someone asks us to do something new, I can’t help feeling enthusiastic. After we launch the procedure with an ad in one of the best Dutch daily papers, the reactions to the ad and our own personal approaches start coming in. That is when the fun really starts. The main thing is to keep all the potential candidates as well informed as possible about all the aspects of the proposition and after the in-depth personal interviews at my office, to select the most suitable candidates. Then there are the talks so whoever commissioned us can get to know the candidates. That is when everything comes together and I can enjoy the natural match that is created. What I prefer is to be involved in several procedures at the same time. It give me a sense of personal satisfaction when people are all calling and everything falls into place simultaneously. Your day and the week feel like too short to do everything you have to do. And time and time again, it all works out in the end.’

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