Tax People

Market expertise

There are differences between different tax advice firms, and therefore also between tax activities. For example, many tax lawyers work as tax advisers for a multi-disciplinary service provider, such as a big 4 firm or a similar (smaller) company. They may also work as tax advisers or lawyer-tax expert in the tax division of a law firm. As a result, the nature of the work or the level of specialisation of tax lawyers can differ considerably. Our knowledge of these various emphases and the different cultures within these firms gives us great added value in the selection process of the right candidate.  Within the tax division of a company, tax lawyers are often highly specialised, e.g. in company tax, turnover tax, customs and import duties or wage tax.


In addition to relevant knowledge and experience of the tax category, the candidates’ personal qualities are a very important criterion in deciding whether he or she is a good fit with the culture of the (often international) company. The procedure of Tax People is focused on an optimum comparison of the entire relevant target group, and results in the selection of the most suitable candidate.


Our advisers have broad experience in search and selection of tax lawyers for consultancy firms and the business sector. We assist you throughout the selection process; from the first search and recruitment activities until agreement is reached with the most suitable candidate. Over the past years, we have advised on the search and selection, or executive search, of (interim) tax lawyers for PwC Tax, Deloitte Tax, Bird&Bird, Samsung, APG, Staples, PGGM, Optiver, AVG Technologies, MN and Allseas.


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